E=mc2 solutions

Like a sharp chisel in a craftsperson's hands enhances her creative output, software should create new opportunities to eliminate the mundane and enhance the business. Businesses that are effectively able to utilize software ultimately thrive. Unfortunately, poorly designed and implemented software tends to inhibit growth and cause loss of opportunity. At e=mc2 solutions we believe in distilling the essence of your business processes into simple, focused and robust software solutions.

The simplest, most elegant path to profoundness— that is e=mc2 solutions.

The simple

At e=mc2 solutions we love keeping everything simple. We often find that arriving at the simplest most essential form of the solution may involve making several circuits of, well, not such simple solutions! The key is that our quick cycle design-redesign process iteratively resolves to the simplest solution.

The elegant

There is an automatic level of elegance to a simple solution. However, our process aims for creating elegant software implementations of the solution. This adds another eminently robust, and highly maintainable facet to our software solution(s).

The profound

The most profound and immediate benefit is the fulfillment of your business goals. Having e=mc2 solutions at your service will help you focus on your company's creative core.

Intrigued? Read more about our services and process. Then contact us at info@eeqmcsqr.com.